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Code is an evolved system. You adopt a new algorithm and all you’ve done is teleport to a new point in the fitness landscape. You may indeed be near a higher fitness peak, but you aren’t likely to be on it yet. You’ll have to do a whole tedious evolutionary optimization process all over again to get your new code to be reliable and trusted. It’s a wonder anything works, either in genetics, or in software. Cryptic genetic variation in software: hunting a buffered 41 year old bug | Cryptogenomicon
there’s something awe-inspiring about our resilience, too. Put an orphan in foster care, and his brain will repair its missing connections. Teach a lonely person to respond to others without fear and paranoia, and over time, her body will make fewer stress hormones and get less sick from them. Care for a pet or start believing in a supernatural being and your score on the UCLA Loneliness Scale will go down The Science of Loneliness: How Isolation Can Kill You | New Republic
yimmyayo: Rihncess Mononoke

yimmyayo: Rihncess Mononoke

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Someone set a bunch of those videos where Star Trek is stabilized to “Turn Down For What” and here it is. (:48 is magical.)

The 64-Bit Temple Operating System (by Terry A Davis)